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Alphabet Parenting: J is for Joyful


9/14/2021 | Dr. Tamar Andrews

joy·​ful | \ ˈjȯi-fəl

What are the sounds of your home? What are the sounds of your life? Stop for a moment and think about it. 


Listen to the morning routine...Is there an upbeat hum of busy feet getting dressed, brushing teeth, and joining one another to eat?

Listen while you drive to school...Is there interesting conversation and genuine joy in the car on the way to school? What does the home sound like when you come back from school or chores or dinner? Does fun music play and do you stop to dance to the beat of life with your children?

Listen at bedtime...Does the home have a tranquil yet joyous sound of peace and love? Is it soothing and relaxing? 

Joy comes in many forms. It comes from the contented snuggling and from the wild-dancing twists and dips. It comes from savoring a delicious and perfect bite while sitting next to people you love. Try to make as many joyful moments as possible...depositing into a long-term investment of joyful relationships with your children and family.

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