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Playground Case Study - Camp Fire Columbia delivers on its values


1/25/2022 | Evan Dobkin

Challenge: Camp Fire Columbia’s (CFC) prior systems used a significant amount of resources to manually process and maintain enrollment applications, did not allow them to effectively communicate with families, and service levels from prior vendors were below standards.

Solution: Playground worked directly with the leadership and administrators who would use the solution daily to understand the enrollment workflow used by CFC and design a brand new set of online, automated Enrollment features that not only would work for this customer, but for every early childhood education center using Playground. These features include:

  • An online, shareable presence for every center where families can learn about them and complete a fully-customizable application. 
  • Application fee processing (optional)
  • Applications are automatically imported into Playground with all student and family data.
  • An admissions dashboard to manage applications and waitlist statuses. 
  • Send automated requests to complete necessary forms and upload documentation, all through Playground’s app. 

Additionally, Camp Fire uses Playground’s communication features to stay in contact with parents. This is an important capability when families are not able to enter classrooms for health and safety reasons but are now able to stay fully aware of and involved in their student’s day.

Result: Camp Fire Columbia is able to process applications efficiently and share the workload with everyone who has access to Playground across their organization. Importantly, Playground aligns with and helps CFC deliver on its values to “support academic achievement, build social and life skills, foster community engagement, and develop career and college readiness,” with our systems and programs.

  • Hours saved every week manually processing enrollment paperwork
  • Improved communication with families
  • Shared workload amongst administrators and staff
  • Continue to deliver Camp Fire Columbia’s core values

“Playground has made an effort to prioritize customer service and follow through on their promises. Compared to our prior vendors, Playground has taken our service levels from waiting days and weeks to getting responses from real people in minutes or hours, but always that same day. Additionally, they proactively reach out to see how we’re doing. 

We each get back hours every week that are now spent reaching out to families to create more personal connections. We’re able to collaborate more with them because we can meet them where they are with the tools that Playground provides.

Camp Fire Columbia leads with our values and Playground has done a great job learning about these to design systems and programs that help us to deliver on them every day.” - Jonathan Myers, Before and After School Department Director.

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