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Carline 2 Release


8/4/2021 | Sasha Reiss

You may have noticed a few changes in your Carline app recently – a new bulletin board, directory filters, redesigned carline queue, guardian profiles, and more. In case it slipped under your radar, we’ve rounded up some of our handiest updates for you. 

What’s New


You can now message anyone in your school through Carline’s brand new messaging system. Teachers can create group chats for their class. Parents can reach out to other parents to organize carpools and playdates. If you don’t want to be discoverable, you can toggle that off in the new settings. 

Bulletin Board

Administrators can now send out school-wide announcements that will appear on the virtual bulletin board. This can be used for updates, reminders, and emergency messages.

A New Directory

The directory has been completely redesigned and is better than ever. Teachers and administrators can now filter the directory to show a specific class, attendance status, or wellness. Additionally, we’ve added support for multi-student signing straight from the directory. You no longer have to use the carline queue to check out multiple students at once. 

A New Carline Queue

The queue also has a brand new look. We’ve made it easier to distinguish the car number, the students in each car, their class, and their wellness status. We’ve also improved the process of adding students to a car by showing which kids have already been added to the car. This new design is meant to support families of all sizes, allowing for carline drop-off and pick-up to continue running as smoothly as possible.

Student Profiles

We’ve consolidated student information into an easy-to-access profile. In the profile, teachers and admins can see any information pertaining to that student like their class, account number, authorized guardians, wellness status, temperature, and relevant notes. 


Administrators and teachers can now leave notes on student profiles for other staff members to reference. 

Guardian Profiles

Administrators can now see guardian profiles where they can find contact information, wellness status, and the relationship to the student. 

Wellness Check Improvements

The wellness checks have been redesigned for an improved experience. Questions are easier to read and easier to answer. The wellness check now allows staff to input student temperatures. Finally, teachers and admins can use the student profile to revisit wellness check responses.

Locking Students

Admins can use the dashboard to lock a student from being checked in. When toggled in the dashboard, the student’s profile in the mobile app will prevent teachers from checking in that student. 

What’s To Come

As excited as we are about this latest update, we are more excited about the future of Carline. We have tons of new features in the works and are working hard to make them a reality in the near future so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we are eager to hear your feedback about this latest update. As always, we value any and all feedback so please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can reach us on our live support on our website or at [email protected]

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