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The best way to communicate conflict-free

Best Practices

2/11/2022 | Evan Klinger

Communication.  Where would we be without it?  Eye contact is a great form of communication, but we can’t all be on a video chat call all the time.  Speaking clearly, to the point words is a tried and true form of communication but in today’s modern world, a voice conversation is not always on the table.

At Playground we recognize that communication is ever-changing and we have adapted to the new lexicon with many, easy-to-use communication tools within the Playground application.

We have experienced that the longer the form and the younger the student, the less likely we are to see completion and submission of those forms.  One of the forms that schools tell us they have a problem getting students to fill out is their media release form.  We were surprised to hear this because kids love getting images and videos from their school - especially if they are in them!  

Playground changed the game in getting completed forms back by adding a way of communication that kids are used to the Emoji!  Now teachers and administrators can respond, nudge and even block a student with a “fist bump emoji” for kids doing a solid and perhaps an “alien” emoji when they find out they are the only ones in the class who did not fill out their media release form and can’t access the images and video from the latest and dopest event.

This is all in pursuit of conflict-free communication between all parties involved.  Playground knows that unresolved conflict between schools and families can have a lasting effect on not just the education, but the retention of that student and perhaps their siblings.  

Playground makes communication transparent by showing timelines in a student’s semester highly visible within the Playground communication.  By being able to see all of the milestones that a student has in front of them, parents can preemptively ask questions and raise any possible concerns with upcoming events.  Gone are the days of being blindsided by sudden things that need to happen and events that just have to happen no matter what.  By being able to access the timelines of a student’s path anytime from anywhere, families can get a bigger picture of what is in store for the school year.

The highly valuable tools of communication in Playground don’t end with the families!  Employees such as teachers and administrators can see detailed reports and descriptions of their roles at the institution.  If an assistant teacher is becoming myopic in their role and not achieving all of the tasks that are being asked of them, Playground enables administrators to look at a detailed characterization of the job roles and expectations within that position.  This makes the communication that happens between administrators and assistant teachers a well-informed conversation once everything is explained and laid out plainly. 

Conflict resolution in the workplace is as old as time and speaking of time, Playground is aware of the number one complaint and source of tension in any workplace: “You were late!”  Being accused of being late is no fun for anyone.  The worker is just trying to do their job and manage their time as well as possible.  The administration is trying to ensure that they are getting the time that they are paying the employee to provide without being duped out of any of it.

This is all solved with Playground’s Teacher application where the employee can clock in on one master clock, the Staff clock, and there can be no discrepancy of when teachers clock in.  It’s through the application and it is easy to use saving the age-old heartache of late/not late employees!

Playground is always adding ways to reach the people you need for continuity in a child’s education.  If the child has a special assistant or a Guardian, Playground enables you to communicate directly with that person so that you can circumvent teachers and administrators who might not have to be involved in a simple question.

By communicating often and in a regularly scheduled manner, educational facilities ensure that their students and their families are well informed and stress-free from one-way conversations.  Playground opens the doors for ease of use and free-flowing conversations to blossom fruit!

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