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How Playground helps educators find time for education

Best Practices

2/11/2022 | Evan Klinger

Teachers never have enough time on their hands.  This fact has never been debated and is almost universally accepted as a hurdle in education.  Playground takes this into consideration and is designed with reclaiming time for educators to work more effectively.

Playground knows that teachers are far too stretched to accomplish all of the tasks that are asked of them.  Without Playground, the quality of teaching suffers and students lose out.  Playground has stepped in to enable teachers to find more time to create high-quality lesson planning for the benefit of their students.

Beyond teaching, teachers are often asked to create attendance reports. Attendance reports are important for the school, the parents, and the state in which the school is in to ensure funding within the educational facility.  Teachers know it is an important part of their job yet it can be very frustrating when it was done by hand on a piece of paper that hasn’t been thought about since the beginning of the semester.

If a parent has a question for the teacher about a specific day when a guardian signed the student in, the teacher can quickly recall the digital copy and signature and provide the parent with the exact information they are looking for.  No more messing with paperwork, folders, or ledgers with all the information at an educator’s fingertips!

A teacher can plan out their whole school year in advance (even during summer vacation!) to automatically generate reports.  If their institution has required daily, weekly or monthly reports, the teacher can set up those attendance reports to be automatically generated and sent out to the appropriate parties.  By not having to remember dates for all of that clerical work, teachers use Playground to reclaim their precious class preparation time.  

All of these tools for the teachers can be customized in Playground.  If a parent wants to see weekly attendance reports on their child, a teacher can use Playground to generate and send out a weekly report for that one individual.  It can be customized down to one person or even the whole school!  By making reporting easy, Playground is restoring the work-life balance that can be so hard to achieve for teachers.

Playground provides educators all of the tools to be as involved with as many details of their students’ lives as they choose.  Teachers can customize each student's information and be notified of a myriad of detailed metrics.  If a kindergarten teacher wants all of the information on a specific student's successful nap times or an athletic teacher wants to be alerted if any of their students have any injury reports, Playground is designed to provide educators the information that they want in real-time. These revolutionary tools provide a roadmap to the teacher for a student’s success.

Never before have educators been able to collect so many pieces of data on their students and have it presented to them in a clear, easy-to-digest activity log.  The teacher will receive a real-time news feed on the student’s actions ranging from their emotional states to their timeliness to their active participation in events.  Playground is truly a window into the world of a student’s campus life and state of being.

All of the data collection in Playground comes from the community it is a part of and reports on.  Parents are able to build a student profile that teachers can review and refer to on a case-by-case basis.  Parent-Teacher meetings are elevated to an open dialogue of information that has already been provided by both parties in the Playground application.  It creates a discourse that is productive and conducive to a stellar educational experience for the student!

Educators do so much and we will never stop trying to reward their efforts!  Playground is committed to excellence in teaching and we hear it from our teachers every day: Thank you!

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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