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Escaping the Multiverse: How your Docs can live as One


1/19/2022 | Evan Klinger

Employees are being asked to learn something new everyday.  Classically these were skills related to their field that enhanced their work.  Learning something new can be a catalyst for change but as the world moves at breakneck speeds, your staff may start to be overwhelmed.

When the Covid pandemic caught the world off guard in early 2020, many companies were forced into a sudden shift of working from home.  In addition to employees work requirements, a deluge of excess applications were now being used just to simply communicate with your fellow staff members.

In a pre-pandemic world, your staff could be expected to check their email and respond, perhaps even in person at a team meeting.  But now meetings can be virtual and tracked through your computer or mobile.

Instead of a morning email check-in and then a real-life interaction, meetings now occur in Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facetime, Webex, or even a Facebook video call!  It is all too much and has dented work productivity detrimentally.

In addition to meetings and real-time communication, there has always been the obstacle of multiple location storage of needed documents.  Quickly, a multiverse of documents, needed forms and vital identifications are scattered throughout a myriad of programs without a searchable interface.

Playground is the revolutionary software that will unify your multiverse and enable your documents to live as One.  It all starts, happens and ends within the Playground universe. You can create, request, collect and manage all documents in Playground’s Documents feature.  Parents can access needed forms and submit required paperwork and administrators can access and send those updated documents within the same environment.  It all happens under one roof and students and their families never have to ask: “Where should I look for that?”  

Gone are the days of having to install new programs just to read a document someone has sent you.  Windows or Mac?  Doesn’t matter.  Playground has you covered. This simplification of data collection frees up users' minds to focus on task accomplishment, submission and then they are able to move on.

Application centralization is our goal at Playground.  By eliminating the dozens of apps your team may currently be using, you save the cost of all of those different pieces of software and you increase your team’s productivity through reclaiming precious time.  We have found that workflow within Playground is uninterrupted and constructive as opposed to users having to close and open new software windows throughout their day.

Playground’s Document universe handles every single document you can imagine from a new student application to processing and updating medical information, updating contact information, sunscreen permission slips and media wavers.  Within Playground’s Document umbrella parents can easily e-sign and submit documents to any member of your team. Common Playground document usages include the California 700 Licensing Form, California 995 Licensing form (child care center notification of parents rights) and copies of staff ID (drivers license). 

Schools and educational facilities are dealing with a new set of documents: COVID-19 related paperwork.  Parents and Teachers are expected to be handling medical notes, vaccination proof forms, booster reminder notifications and a myriad of extenuating medical papers.  In an endless whirlpool of email attachments and handwritten paper notes, these vital documents could easily get lost. Playground has created the shelter you need for all of your COVID-19 related documents in Playground’s Document hub.  

Playground will transform your existing Document nightmare into a dreamy solution.  You can take any of your existing PDF forms and upload them.  Our auto-tag feature will add these fields to the documents and voila!  You have a 100% online fillable document converted from a piece of paper that required you to manually capture the information and then perform data entry to get it into your system.  Playground takes away the Document headaches and our guided, step-by-step videos and consultations will make sure you get it done the way you want it done.

With all the worries in the world these days, Playground’s Document universe gives you peace of mind because you know that it is all safe under one roof.

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