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Why Schools Find Value in Adopting ECE Software Tools


1/27/2022 | Mikhal Weiner

The world of early childhood education is far different than it was even ten years ago, and not just because of the ebb and flow of the global pandemic. Preschool, daycare, and kindergarten educators today have access to groundbreaking studies and technological tools that would have been considered far-fetched (if not science fiction!) until recently. These days, though, there’s a great deal more out there for educators to use in their classrooms. 

When we think about technology, we may think first of educational games and apps, but that’s not the only way in which tech can be successfully integrated into a preschool setting. Software can be utilized in order to streamline logistics, administration, and myriad other aspects of running an ECE program. In fact, many ECE programs are already making use of technological advancements in order to communicate better with parents, track enrollment and tuition payments, and more. Below are some of the main reasons why you’ll find software and apps in preschool and daycare settings these days. 

ECE software helps to keep your school safe and healthy. 

A major concern for educators across the board, whether they’re teaching high school or preschool, is the safety of their school community. In many cases, teachers have become expert contact tracers and may as well have a degree in epidemiology at this point. One way in which educators are making their lives easier is by using software to communicate shifting security and health protocols to parents and guardians. The last thing you need to be doing is relying on a good old-fashioned phone tree to communicate rapidly changing health information to a huge student body. ECE software makes this process easy as pie. 

Technology can help you track your students’ progress. 

One thing we all know about little ones is that their abilities can sometimes advance in leaps and bounds. One day, they’re saying two-word sentences; the next day they’re describing a scenario with their dolls in great detail. It can be a whirlwind! In order for educators to track this progress and plan their curricula accordingly, it can be helpful to take photos and videos of the day-to-day happenings. With streamlined ECE software, plenty of teachers are keeping these files safe, organized, and easily accessible. 

Teaching numbers or letters? There’s an app for that!

Why party like it’s 1999 when you could use all the wonderful apps and tools that are (quite literally) right at your fingertips? While not all apps are equally effective, there are some great games that you can incorporate into your plan to hone both math and spelling skills. As long as you’re being mindful of how and when you add these tools to your classroom, there’s no reason not to. Be sure to read user reviews and be mindful of whether these tech additions fit into your budget before committing. 

Don’t sweat the administration with ECE software integrations. 

Arguably the least fun part of running an early childhood education center is the nitty-gritty of tracking enrollment, tuition payments, and the rest of the administrative responsibilities. Sometimes following up with and circling back to parents and guardians can seem endless. Not to mention tracking attendance (all families have shifting needs and schedules), pick-up and drop-off (who’s authorized to pick up whom, again?), and legal documents (contracts, waivers, and doctor’s notes, oh my). Now, thankfully, all of that has been made a whole lot easier. Playground is just one of the software options out there designed to put all of these items in one, centralized place and make them both simpler and more pleasant to take care of. That’s why you’ll see so many schools using this and other solutions for all their admin needs. 

With so many great ECE tech tools out there, it’s easy to see why many early childhood education professionals are opting to use software to make things easier on themselves. Check out some of the options and make your life easier, too!

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

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