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How Playground helps you maneuver your center through COVID

Best Practices

2/11/2022 | Evan Klinger

Playground’s name became official in April 2021 and recognized what a unique moment in time the educational world was facing at that moment.  After almost a year of online learning and students and parents immersing themselves in technology, Playground realized what an important role it would play in the future of education.

After years of providing excellent service as Carline, the application evolved into Playground and is now used in thousands of learning environments.  

The enormous challenge of how to take physical education and transform it into a solely digital experience consumed 2021.  Efforts from parents, teachers and everyone else involved were Herculean and the children who experienced a quality education in that tumultuous year are so much better for it.

But here we are in 2022!  We are learning in person again and Playground has added so many features to make sure that the school environment stays COVID-free and safe for everyone who goes to an educational building.

Playground already excelled at the pick-up and drop-off procedure from its previous incarnation as Carline.  The hurdles that staying safe from COVID-19 through at us were managed with additional procedures being placed into the application for safe distancing and time management.  Keeping pick-ups and drop-offs smooth has been our top priority and the application manages the flow of what used to be a hectic time to a serene experience for everyone involved.

Parents sign in and sign out their children in a contactless, socially distant environment that makes everyone comfortable with the precautions that are being taken.  It is our most praised feature and literally helps people breathe easier!

The feature has a highly secure technology that makes the student’s safety paramount.  A customizable, unique QR code is required for the sign-in and sign-out procedures.  This makes sure that approved guardians and designees can securely connect with the student for pick-ups and drop-offs.  

The QR code is ready by a computer-operated kiosk that is unmanned and monitored remotely by administrators via the Playground application.  No physical proximity between people is needed as a contactless environment is protected and so is your child.

Protecting children, teachers and staff is what it is all about and Playground acts as the medical administration so that educators don’t have to.  Playground will distribute daily CDC recommended health check information to all families with up to the minute documents that provide guidance on how to navigate this pandemic.  Playground will record and store your students’ temperatures and will be updated in real-time as their temperatures are taken throughout the school day.  Parents will be reminded to submit COVID-19 test results through the Playground application and when they do, the test results will be stored and organized by student.  Playground will track the course of your students’ vaccinations as they go through a course of initial shots and then subsequent boosters.  All of this is done without having to pester parents about this sensitive subject with emails or phone calls.  The Playground application will act as the buffer between parents and schools for this medical information.

As the intermediary between schools and parents, Playground may have to deliver some bad news.  No one wants to experience a COVID outbreak at their school, but it if it happens Playground has the tools to get the news out quickly and safely.  Playground will immediately and automatically act on notifications of students who are at risk of exposure.  The application will deploy announcements to parents’ cell phones with news and details of the COVID exposure.  Playground automates security measures in this case and will temporarily lock specific students from being checked into the school if they are exposed to an outbreak.  

This has been an extremely stressful couple of years for everyone in the educational world.  We heard from schools that were temporarily closed and we immediately suspended their charges for using the Playground application.  If any hiccups occur in the future and if your school needs to be closed for any amount of time, please let us know and we are happy to temporarily stop charging you.

Playground is proud to be a tool that promotes safety in the midst of this pandemic.  We thank the thousands of educators who use Playground every day to keep students and staff safe.

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