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Peace of Mind with Playround's Security


1/14/2022 | Evan Klinger

The relationship between parents and schools will require a lot of transparency, but one thing parents don’t want seen by everyone is the sensitive data about their children.  Playground’s security is paramount in the process of families sending documents to schools and administrators.


Playground’s Documents feature  securely uploads and stores documents such Birth Certificates or even Parentage forms for the child, Care documents for the child that may include dietary needs and parenting plans or perhaps a Representation form for a non-family individual to be affiliated with the student.

Your income forms are safe and secure in the Playground app which uses Google Cloud to ensure that all stored data is covered by the highest levels of protection.  Protected documents like payslips, bank records and asset forms will always be properly stored for use only by those who need to see them.  

Many schools and institutions offer financial assistance and you may be asked to complete detailed Proof of Financial Hardship applications that show your detailed life expenses.  Rest assured that Playground will store these documents securely and only offer access to authorized authorities.

Schools are valuable targets for hackers because of the knowledge they can provide within their internal documents that the school thought was secure. To hackers, schools are data miners' dreams because of the data they can provide. That data — not just students’ learning details, but student and employee Social Security numbers, employee bank account numbers, and other personally identifiable information must be kept secure. 

Playground puts a roadblock in front of criminals trying to breach security with hopes of identity theft.  By implementing a strong data management plan, schools can sleep easy at night knowing that their security is top notch and their documents are secure.

Why is document security a top priority at Playground? Because educational data breaches are twice as bad as normal information security breaches.  The cost of the information lost incurs expenses to identify and contain the security breach.

Another major price factor is the possibility that once you notify the victims of the security breach, they might choose to sue with a lawsuit.  Resolving legal problems is not something that educational institutions should be spending their time conducting.  By taking early precautions and utilizing Playground’s secure environment, parents and educators can sleep easy at night. 

You may be asking:  Aren’t we talking about schools here?  Why should I be worried about hackers and criminals?

The laissez faire attitude of “it won’t happen to me” is exactly why educational institutions are targets for security breaches.  The education industry is based on openness and the free exchange of information.  Knowledge is being shared from multiple sources and all voices are welcome. This approach works stupendously for students and staff when it comes to disseminating knowledge, but they may be unsophisticated about technology.  It is possible that in pursuit of the intellectual,  students and staff operate with limited technical knowledge to recognize a security breach, attack or malicious outsider phishing for information.

And then there is always the case of the rebel student attempting to hack the school for amusement.  Who could forget the movie “War Games” in which Matthew Broderick steals the password from the principal’s office so he can use his computer to change his grades?  Hacking the school is a badge of honor for a criminal student, but Playground stops derelicts at the front door.

Playground is the future for all security within educational infrastructures.  Systems are currently spread across many different platforms with multiple logins and different access pages.  Playground is a single application for managing students and employees information.  It has been the dream of educational administrators for years to have a secure all-encompassing system and it has arrived.

Computer users frequently have multiple roles within a school system and this has always complicated their identity management.  Playground is the solution in which users can be assigned roles that they need access to and be prevented from accessing other roles that are unrelated to them.  This attention to person by person access is how Playground keeps your documents secure.

People will come and go in educational institutions.  From substitute teachers to a sudden change of employment for one of your staff to a parent filling in for the day, Playground has access covered by assigning people whatever level security they need based on that person’s role.  With total customization, keeping tight security has never been easier.

Playground’s application can be accessed by the security administrator anywhere on the planet on any computer or smart device.  Schools often have mainframes and teachers and staff can be required to be physically on school grounds to reach secure documents.  With Playground, access is wherever you are and can be used with the smartphone in your pocket.

We know that the biggest challenge for schools is implementing robust security protocols while also maintaining a culture of openness amongst your staff and students.  Playground is the solution to a happy and secure educational environment.

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