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How to support your center through digital integration

Best Practices

2/11/2022 | Evan Klinger

Educators know that being a parent involves the difficulty of leaving your child for the school day.  This time, ranging from 4-8 hours, away from the family unit is hard on parents who want to know everything that happens in their child’s universe.

Playground recognizes this and the unique time we are living in right now when being physically present for your child just isn’t practical in the school environment.  Parents want to actually be in the classroom and while that is not currently possible, the digital integration with your child’s education through Playground provides the best possible solution.

In early 2020 families were asked to have less presence as the education world became more focused on the relationship between educators and direct contact with their students.  Parents, who often used to be able to chaperone field trips and spent hours volunteering inside school classrooms, are now left at home often feeling trapped in a Digital Workspace.

Playground breaks open the possibilities of interaction with your child and their school by enabling a digital experience.  For example, if you are unable to attend a field trip to the museum with your child and their classmates, no worries!  Playground makes it possible for approved photos of the field trip to be released through the application and you can receive an announcement summary of how the trip went and all the details.  

Playground connects you to the experience and gets you as close as you can in today’s environment!  Viewing the photos of a field trip in the Playground application is a fun experience - similar to the exciting scrolling on Instagram and other social media networks.  You can easily scroll through all of the photos with a flick of a finger.  No exiting one screen or chats to see images - seamless media viewing for an immersive experience for parents and families that couldn’t attend!

All of this digital integration through Playground provides you peace of mind and it alleviates the workload for overburdened educators who never have enough time on their hands.  If you ever have a problem or need to speak with someone regarding activities within Playground, live chat is available and you can speak with a human right away for answers to your concerns and needs.

Communication is a huge part of what we do at Playground.  You can communicate directly with teachers and office staff knowing that you will receive a timely response. Administration can oversee all communications within the Playground application so you will never have to only get one answer for your questions.  By having total oversight of all communications on the Playground application, administration can ensure that parents and families are getting the correct, accurate and up to the minute information.  This system is there to ensure the parents’ rights to proper instructions to create a seamless learning experience for their children.

All of the digital integration Playground achieves is to make the workflow of schools and administrations smoother.  Helpful parents always want to get on board with our mission and we have given parents tools within Playground to help their schools achieve their goals.  One capability is the Parents ability to generate an invoice for payment of their bill.

Billing can be a sticky topic to discuss between teachers and parents when all you want to do is talk about the best education possible for the students.  Playground gives parents the ability to get ahead of any billing problems by generating their own invoices for payments that they know they will be making in the future.  By completing these financial steps, parents are utilizing Playground in ways that make the work of the school just a little bit more serene.

There are so many ways to help schools that we haven’t thought of and everyday we get suggestions on how to make Playground even better!  One parent told us that the everyday, morning sign in was such a hectic activity that they felt bad interrupting the torrent of parents signing their children in, and they didn’t want to bother the teacher with just a small comment.

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