Playground has created the right tools for Camp Fire councils and camps to manage their daily operations and communicate with families.

We worked directly with Camp Fire Columbia to transform their enrollment (application & admissions) process with custom-developed, online tools that save every administrator hours per week and help improve other areas of operations. Now, every Playground center has access to Enrollment with a free web listing about them, online applications, fee processing, and more at no additional cost!

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Playground has made an effort to prioritize customer service and follow through on their promises. Compared to our prior vendors, Playground has taken our service levels from waiting days and weeks to getting responses from real people in minutes or hours, but always that same day. Additionally, they proactively reach out to see how we’re doing.

Jon Myers,

Before and After School Department Director

Camp Fire Columbia

Camp Fire Columbia saw across the board improvements with Playground

No matter your size, every Camp Fire council and camp can save time, save money, and improve their operations

Eliminate manual paperwork processing

Improved communication with families

Workload shared amongst administrators and staff

Continue to deliver on their values

A better enrollment experience for you and your families

Give families a way to learn about you online and after they apply, all of their information is automatically sent to Playground where you manage applications in one intuitive dashboard. We support Camp Fire afterschool programs (Camp Fire Wise Kids®, Wise Kids Outdoors ®, InterACTION, clubs) and summer camps to streamline daily and office processes so you can spend more time connecting young people to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves.

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