Connect with every family

Help your families foster deep connections to the classroom and your center by improving communications between teachers, parents, and administrators.

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Thousands of educators all around the country rely on Playground to elevate their childcare

Keep your conversations in one place

One-way or two-way communication, private or group messaging, text or image sharing—however you want to communicate, you can do it through Playground, with teachers and parents.


Classroom timelines

Chat messaging

Private family timelines

Photo sharing

Push notifications

Video sharing

Group chats

The ability to quickly send reminder messages to parents allows for such simple, easy communication!

Laura Hayes,


Early Days

Effortlessly keep parents in the loop


Directly chat 1:1 with parents, run classroom groupchats, and communicate internally with staff


Send long form newsletters, quick updates, and important reminders directly to parent devices


A private place for teachers and parents to record memories that last a lifetime

Record and share memories that last a lifetime

Teachers can upload photos and videos to their class timeline, and when they tag students, those photos are automatically added to that student's private family timeline on the Parent App.