Digitize your car lines to stay organized during curbside drop-off and pick-up

Playground's carline queue provides teachers with a real-time overview of the order of cars in line.

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Thousands of educators all around the country rely on Playground to elevate their childcare

Parents don't have to leave their cars

Sign-in/out students without parents leaving their cars or teachers pacing the curb.

Custom car line queue

Parent-managed carpool authorization

Real-time queue updates

Multiple car lines

One-tap signature prompts

Contactless sign-in/out

The parents love the ease with which they are able to quickly sign their children in and out without the time it used to take to locate the correct classroom list the child was on.

Alisha Sela,


Kadima Day School

Here's how it works


Add cars to the queue

A scout at the front of your carline adds cars into the Playground app as they arrive at your center


Send a signature prompt

Teachers at the drop-off point send a signing prompt for the parent to fill out on their own device


Submit a signature

The parent checks their student in or out by signing on their device and tapping ‘Submit’

Real time updates on your curbside drop-off and pick-up

The digital carline updates in real-time across all of your teachers' devices. Teachers at the drop-off or pickup point can see who is pulling up and who has already signed. Cars are automatically removed from the digital queue once a signature has been submitted.

Empower parents to take charge of their carpools

No more last-minute calls to check if a carpool is authorized—in the Parent App, guardians coordinate and approve one-time or recurring carpools that automatically grant sign-in/out permissions.

The more carlines you have, the merrier

You can create multiple carline queues if you have multiple drop-off and pick-up locations. This means that your teachers only see cars relevant to them.

Your success is our success

We offer teacher and parent webinar trainings to ensure everyone at your center is comfortable and familiar with Playground before you launch. You'll have a dedicated customer success manager as well as direct access to our Help Center and live support team.

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