Multi-site ECE management

Playground is designed for those managing multiple early childhood education sites/centers. We scale alongside you to support strategic growth with full visibility into all enterprise operations and the individual details of each location.

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One platform that does it all

We've combined everything you need to manage individual centers with powerful administrative, oversight, and data management capabilities

Enterprise dashboard (Super Admin)

Manage enrollment & student projections

Deep, customizable reporting

Zero syncing - one login, one password for everything

Centralized administration

One system for staff to learn

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Create centers

We'll create an account for each of your locations and populate it with student rosters, staff lists, family details, and program information


Connect locations

Our team connects all of these locations together so you have a single view from the enterprise dashboard


Onboard your users

Playground is made so users can easily start on their own and are supplemented by free training for your staff and families

Administer all of your locations centrally and securely

Playground uniquely gives multi-location customers oversight of their entire operation at both the enterprise level and each individual center. Improve your data security with one system to store student records, financial information, documentation, and more.

Take action with deep reporting and assessments

Playground's reporting pulls information on any piece of logged data and is easily exported as a PDF or CSV. We've built hundreds of custom reports for Licensing Compliance, Subsidy/Grant Funding, and DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile). We’ll do the same for you at no additional charge.