When centers said they wanted to track immunizations in Playground, we delivered quickly.

When multiple customers ask for a feature at the same time, we make it a priority. Using CDC data and our flexibly-built platform, immunization tracking was added in less than two weeks!

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“We’re very, very data-driven and Playground has been essential to help us collect important data related to check-in and other parts of our daily operations. At the same time, family engagement is extremely important, and being able to stay in contact with our families has been essential to maintaining strong relationships with the community.  Their service has been truly exceptional…if there’s something I need, the communication goes above and beyond what you’d expect.

Kaycee Cottone,

IS/ERSEA Director

Southern Oregon Head Start & Early Head Start

Centers immediately see multiple benefits from immunization tracking

With Playground, centers are able to get additional benefits from moving manual or insecure processes to our app and platform. Here, administrators saved time and money from paper tracking, made their student data more secure, and reduced their financial risk for being non-compliant.

Save time on data entry and chasing forms

Increased student health data security

More efficient processes

Minimized financial impacts for compliance

Toss out the manual forms and spreadsheets that insecurely track health data

Using data from the CDC (which immunization, when it’s needed) plus the student’s birth date, Playground automatically tracks 10 standard immunizations as Completed, Due Soon, Exempt, and Overdue in the student record.

Manually storing and tracking health data comes with big risks

1. Who is checking to know if a student is overdue for their current immunizations? 2. How much time is it taking to compile that information and inform families that it’s needed? 3. How much time does it take to update each student’s record and are you entering data twice if you’re also tracking in a class or school-level sheet, too? 4. What happens if the forms are lost? 5. Can you easily run reports on each student, class, or the entire center? 6. What is the financial impact to the center if you lose revenue from lack of compliance (fines) and having to keep kids out until they’re up to date?

Playground features enhance one another

Playground features are designed to work with and enhance each other. Here, we’re leveraging the Documents feature so that administrators can create a document request (for immunization records) and families can then upload those documents directly from their app or desktop browser. The uploaded data is only available to administrators and stored on that student’s record, keeping it secure from unapproved users. The admin uses that data to update the student’s immunization record with just a few clicks. Moving forward, administrators can run reports to communicate with families when updated records will be needed in the future.

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