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Alphabet Parenting: G is for Generosity


9/14/2021 | Dr. Tamar Andrews


gen·​er·​os·​i·​ty | \ ˌje-nə-ˈrä-sə-tē

We often think of generosity as having to do with money.  More on that a bit later but when parenting, remember to always be generous with as much as possible.  Be generous with your love, kisses, hugs, and cuddle time.  Try to be generous with the amount of quality time you give your child. And try to be generous with your kinder, gentler, calm self who deserves it as much as anyone else in your life.


Be generous too, with those around you.  If you want to teach your children compassion, respect, and generosity, then you have to model that even with those that are the least likely to garner this from others; the poor, the homeless, and others in need of our help and compassion.  Be generous to your spouse, your family, and friends. 


The generosity that is imparted only when easy is not really generosity.  If it comes easy it lulls us into a false sense of righteousness.  But if we are generous even when it feels almost impossible to do so, then we are truly being generous... in all areas of giving.


Oh, what a world it could be if all of us made sure everyone had enough before we have extra!

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