Mastering Expense Management with Playground

A Workshop for Family Child Care Providers

Tuesday, February 27 @ 12pm & 6pm EST


Thursday, February 29 @ 12pm & 6pm EST

30 Minutes

Join our interactive workshops designed for family child care providers and learn how to effectively use Playground's expense management features. These sessions will guide you through maximizing the benefits of our spend card and simplifying receipt tracking to streamline your financial operations. Directly interact with the Playground team for personalized support and insights.

Join one or multiple of these sessions to strengthen your grip on expense management for your child care business.

Workshop Features:

  • Practical Use of Spend Card: Understand how to leverage the spend card for easier purchases and financial management.

  • Effortless Receipt Tracking: Get hands-on tips for organizing your financial records with ease.

  • Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered live, ensuring you make the most out of Playground's features.

  • Live Demos: Watch and learn from real-time demonstrations on navigating the Playground platform.

  • Networking: Connect with peers and exchange valuable financial management strategies.

Special Offer: Attend more than 3 sessions (only one session can be from this series) and earn $50 on your Playground spend card as a thank-you for your dedication to financial excellence.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your child care business's financial practices with expert guidance from Playground. Sign up now and take a significant step toward financial management mastery.

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