Aug 24, 2022

Billing & subsidy tracking improvements

Billing & subsidy tracking improvements

Childcare subsidy tracker
Childcare subsidy tracker

There have been lots of launches, updates, and releases around billing in the past few weeks, here are some of the biggest ones. Many of these center around new use cases like managing subsidy payments, better discount logging, more reporting, improved user interaction, and making billing easier and more fun for centers


  • See how you are collecting money with the new Revenue sources and Revenue summary reports

  • Parents can add bank accounts and credit cards through the web portal in addition to the mobile app

  • Discounts are now savable to be used between charges, same as normal charges to students

  • Support for CACFP time of service recording information and reporting

  • Track subsidy payments and checks


  • Added the ability to see the amount of money not yet charged to families. E.g. you can see the total amount a family is going to be billed for the remainder of the year

  • You can now send out reminders to all families who do not have autopay turned on, and can also selectively turn off autopay for families

  • When deleting a payment installment, you will now be prompted to also delete all future payment installments

  • Bulk record offline payments like cash and checks


  • Total amounts have been added to all payment reports

  • Added ability to delete old invoices

  • Terms on mobile app have been changed to match the website

  • Better error messaging for parent payments

  • Better grouping around parent side payments in the app

  • More in depth information on payments for parents