May 9, 2022

Payments Plus

Payments Plus

Being on Payments Plus means Playground can manage your payments via Stripe instead of Stripe managing your payments directly. Switching is completely free and includes accelerated ACH settlement times, increased ACH limits for families, and a new payouts dashboard.

Here's what switching to Payments Plus would mean for you:

• Settlement times for ACH transactions are accelerated from 4-5 business days to 1 business day. Funds will be paid out for all settled transactions on Mondays and Wednesdays, instead of paying funds out at the end of each day.

• On average, funds will be paid out 2-3 days faster due to decreased settlement time.

• Increased ACH limits for families who want to pay an entire year's tuition upfront.

• A new Playground Payouts dashboard with the information that was previously available via Stripe. You'll have the ability to track your payouts with even more information about each transaction.

Switching is completely free and will not change your family’s payments or the Playground dashboard (besides the addition of a payouts dashboard). Click here to learn how to switch.

If you don’t switch, nothing will change for you or your families.