Nov 7, 2022

Usability improvements and SMS text alerts

Usability improvements and SMS text alerts

This weeks change log features some of the improvements we are constantly adding to our app and website to make every interaction fast and easy. We are constantly adding small adjustments and upgrades throughout our childcare management software so that you can make sure every interaction feels smooth, your parents are engaged, and your staff can stay off their devices. Playground's aim is to make it so you never have to use technology a moment longer than you need to get your job done.

With that in mind, we also launched SMS text based alerts. If you have an emergency, we want to make sure we can get the word out for you as quickly and effectively as possible. We offer text messaging, app alerts, and emails to make sure your notifications are heard by families regardless of how they choose to communicate and stay in the know.


  • You can now select SMS texts as an option when making announcements in addition to emails and app notifications on the app and on the website

  • Fully mobile responsive website for parents and administrators

  • Walkthroughs on first use of features on the website

  • Parents can now send the center and Playground requests and feedback directly through the website

  • You can now filter custom reports by program, classroom, student, and more

  • Onboarding for new centers is now significantly smoother and more clear


  • Added support for .mov file types on feed posts

  • Enterprises can now add schools on their own — add new schools away!

  • Enterprise users can now duplicate documents across centers

  • Table columns now adjust with screen size, more data on bigger screens and less data on smaller screens

  • Parents now see a count of incomplete documents

  • The website is now covered in tooltips with more information about what different things are and how to use them

  • More filtering on the app, such as program enrollment on the roster

  • Program enrollment now shows on the student profile for parents and admins


  • You can now select individual recipients on documents

  • Feed post editing is now inline and doesn't bounce around

  • Now a lot more clear how to sign up for billing as a center

  • Ability to adjust program enrollments on applied and waitlisted applications for students

  • Staff names show up on attendance reports

  • Added medical conditions as a student field

  • Bad word filtering improvements