Dec 5, 2022

View student billing on mobile, schedule absences, and brighter app colors

View student billing on mobile, schedule absences, and brighter app colors

Mobile payments for childcare and preschool
Mobile payments for childcare and preschool

This week comes with a lot of small improvements and tons of bug fixes. There are also a few small releases with student billing now showing on the mobile app so you can check on student payments and balances on the go. Many parents are also planning winter vacation plans around the holidays, so we added the ability for families to schedule absences in the future.


  • Admins can now see payments and billing on student profile on the app

  • New colors on the mobile app! Everything should be brighter and more clear

  • Parents can now schedule absences for the future


  • Age now shows up as a subtitle on the enrollment forms when entering the date

  • Parent information should now pre-fill on enrollment applications

  • Staff and student names are now clickable on chat sidebar to view their profiles

  • Able to copy text from student and guardian profiles

  • Now able to search for carpools

  • GIF support on chat

  • Additional Spanish support

  • Custom fields from student profiles are now on the mobile app too


  • QR codes are now easier and quicker to find on the settings page

  • Side menubar no longer jumps around on small screens

  • Staff names now show instead of "Staff member" for signatures

  • Program filters now save between each use

  • Fix issues on phones using right to left languages

  • Signature screen should be more accurate

  • Hidden students removed from program check in on parent app

  • All Playground notifications are turned off when in kiosk mode

  • Faster interactions when creating carpools

  • Fixed an issue with creating payments not succeeding first try

  • Parents can now see discount information

  • Guardian profiles now populate correctly when viewing on the app