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Playground is really simple and lightning fast. The onboarding process was smooth and easy - they helped us put together a plan so that our parents and teachers felt prepared when we started to use Playground. The team is always responsive and constantly uses our feedback to improve the app. Our parents and our teachers love the app!

Dr. Tamar Andrews

Temple Isaiah Preschool

Playground’s service and software are amazing! Whenever I’ve brought a need or fix to their attention they’ve either figured out how to fix it right then or told me a specific date it would be ready. My staff and parents have used the live chat and the response time is amazing. They're always available and I don’t have to wait to hear back. We’re really looking forward to adding even more features as we grow with Playground.

Kaitlynn Snider

Boys & Girls Club of the Mountain Empire

Every center runs differently and Playground adapted to that. We’re very pleased with how they've helped us get going and made sure what we’ve asked to be added to the software actually does.

Tiffany Bunker

St. John Lutheran Church

Playground is the most customer-friendly system we've used. When we ask for a feature, they make it happen. Their level of service is unique compared to any other vendor. It’s like Playground is an extension of our program and feels like they're actually on our campus.

I was a teacher before and when I came back to the office, I’d thought Playground was going to be too techy and hard to adopt. When co-founder Sasha came in and did hands-on training with staff and families, it made sure we didn’t struggle and provided us a lot of value.

Denisse Cardenas

Calvary Chapel Christian Preschool

For the infant parents, Playground is so amazing. They can really feel like they’re involved in their child’s day, activities their milestones.

Ella Potash

The Gan MidPen Jewish School

Parents compared us to the drive thru at Chik-fil-A! It's the perfect thing for our parents to be able to pickup their children. Adopting Playground is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Janice Tennent

Grove Level Baptist Church

Once parents started using the app, everyone was thrilled on how easy and intuitive it was. There is very minimal work for parents. It's just sign and go! The team is always willing to go above and beyond to address my concerns. They are open to suggestions and feedback to make Playground as efficient as it can be.

Enjolie Gray

Westside Neighborhood School

Playground's enrollment and billing has saved us at least 25 hours each month. I cannot overstate how much better Playground is than any other system we tried. The team has our center's best interest at heart and is eager to keep adding features.

Rivkie Blau

Temple Isaiah Preschool

It has been a real pleasure working with Playground. The customer service team is extremely responsive and eager to please and we have watched as they updated and upgraded their app all year. The Playground interface is simple and easy to use on both the parent and administrator side creating a smooth carpool process for our preschool families that is also in compliance with the Department of Social Services requirements.

Shana Fishman

Gindi Maimonides Academy

We’re very, very data-driven and Playground has been essential to help us collect important data related to check-in and other parts of our daily operations. At the same time, family engagement is extremely important, and being able to stay in contact with our families has been essential to maintaining strong relationships with the community.  Their service has been truly exceptional…if there’s something I need, the communication goes above and beyond what you’d expect. I really appreciate how quickly things happen when I’ve asked for new features or updates to make Playground work for our needs. I’ve shared Playground with my colleagues at other Head Starts and wouldn’t hesitate to share our experience with any other Head Start.

Kaycee Cottone

Southern Oregon Head Start

I've recommended Playground to half a dozen other preschools. We absolutely love how it lets parents sign in and out contactlessly without entering the building. Our center has grown alongside Playground!

Chanel Benton

Detroit Learning Academy

Before Playground, we had a very cumbersome process for signing students out with papers flying around on clipboards, pens and hand sanitizers falling on the ground, etc. Now it is so simple and easy and contactless. Parents love it and the staff loves it. The program is user-friendly. The Playground staff was outstanding when we needed assistance getting things set up and troubleshooting. I highly recommend this app.

Joy Trapani

Montessori of New Paltz

Playground has been a game changer for our school. With the ease of signing kids in and out and organizing temperature checks it has streamlined our process. The ability to quickly send reminder messages to parents through the feed allows simple, easy communication to parents. The customer service and support staff has always been quick to respond. Parents love the contactless features and the ease of signing in on their phone! I would highly recommend Playground to anyone that wants to streamline their attendance process!

Laura Hayes

Early Years Learning Center

Getting Playground is the best thing we have done this year! Playground has completely uncluttered my office. We've saved lots of time since we no longer have to make sign-in sheets for all of the students every month. We also save time on filing because if we need to see a class attendance roster for a specific date, we can print it out. My parents love Playground because they don't have to use pens or look for their child's name in the sign-in book. The customer service has been outstanding — whenever I contact the support services I get a response right away.

April Behrendt


First and foremost, we LOVE this app!!! The Playground team's attention to detail and constant communication with us helped make the switch a no-brainer. Drop-off and pickup is much quicker now and it helps us keep parents accountable. Our parents and our staff find the app incredibly user-friendly. If we do have questions, the tech support is quick to respond and proactive in solving any issues. It has been a pleasure getting to know the Playground team.

Natalie Wirtzer

Temple Beth Tikvah ECLC

The Playground app has made our arrival and dismissal times feel seamless! The parents love the ease with which they are able to quickly sign their children in and out without the time it used to take to locate the correct classroom list the child was on. Customer support replies quickly and efficiently. They listen carefully to recommendations and make the app as user friendly as possible. We love using Playground!

Alisha Sela

Kadima Day School

The rollout of the immunizations tracker eliminates all the pencil and paper tasks and will notify me of upcoming immunizations. I get back 10 hours every month — this is a game-changer! It checks every box for what I need to be able to add that time spent previously back into my day to allow for other tasks. The staff at Playground has gone above and beyond to answer all of our questions, and grant us our wishes/ideas for the program.

Robyn Burck

Goldberg Montessori

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