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Jan 12, 2021

25 Winter Activities for Preschoolers That Will Keep Them Busy All Season

Mackenzie Lee


Winter is officially here, and that means plenty of cold weather activities to keep your preschoolers busy! From making penguin crafts to building snowmen, we've got you covered with these 25 winter activities for preschoolers. Not only will they learn all about winter, but they'll also have a blast while doing it!

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  1. Start things off with a winter-themed scavenger hunt. Give each child a list of winter items to find around the house such as mittens, snowflakes and winter hats.

  2. Winter Sensory Play. Set up a winter station with some fake snow, winter-scented playdough, winter-colored foam pieces and winter foam stickers. When the kids need to warm up from all the winter fun, have them make winter-themed snacks.

  3. Make snowman pretzels or winter animal cookies by decorating store-bought sugar cookies with frosting, candies and sprinkles.

  4. For some winter-themed science, let the kids make winter mixtures with salt and water. Have them mix different amounts of each ingredient until they get the perfect winter snow consistency.

  5. Name Snowman: Why are names so important? Well, incorporating name-writing (and reading) into lessons is not only fun but crucial to early childhood learning. So, when teaching letters, we start with the letters of a child’s name. Because each circle displays a separate letter, it’s an excellent way to reinforce that individual letters make up words, including our names!

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  6. Snowflake Cut Outs! A classic winter craft that kids love. Have your preschoolers cut out snowflakes from construction paper, or you can also use pre-cut snowflake stencils for easier designing.

  7. Shake Winter Snow Globes: Make winter snow globes with mason jars, liquid water colors, glitter and winter figurines for a winter wonderland.

  8. Snowball Painting: Gather up some snowballs and place them in an empty container or Tupperware. Add winter-themed paint colors and let the kids make winter art with their snowballs!

  9. Tissue Paper Ornaments: Make winter-themed ornaments with wintery tissue paper and colored ribbon. Get inspired here.

  10. Gingerbread houses: Learn about winter architecture while you build a winter gingerbread house. You can use store-bought gingerbread house kits or make your own winter-inspired gingerbread pieces.

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  11. Penguin Matching Game: Print winter penguin pictures and have the kids match them up! This is a simple yet effective game for child development a fun winter-themed activity.

  12. Pine Cone Craft: Grab some different colored paint, glitter, and glue and have your preschoolers decorate their pine cones!

  13. Snowy Scene: Children can draw a winter scene with themselves and their friends playing in the snow. On a piece of blue construction paper, they can use child safe paint for the drawing. To make snow, mix some white tempera paint into a small plate or shallow bowl. With cotton balls, let them dip it into the paint and press it all over the blueprint to create Snowflakes!

  14. Snowman Painting: Make winter snowmen out of shaving cream, winter-themed paint colors and winter foam stickers. Let your preschoolers get creative!

  15. Shaving Cream Snow: Children practice writing their name or letters in shaving cream “snow”.

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  16. Winter Sorting: Provide winter-themed manipulatives, such as snowflakes, mittens and winter hats. Ask the kids to sort these into categories such as winter hats, winter mittens and winter snowflakes.

  17. Ice Cube Art: The children each chose two colors of powdered tempera paint and spooned them onto a paper plate. Then, we used an ice cube on a popsicle stick to swirl around the plate. The kids watched and waited as it melted, mixing with the paint and blending the colors. In this way, they could see how long it takes for the ice to melt.

  18. Pipe cleaner snowflakes: Kids can experiment with different shapes and sizes to create unique winter designs! Simply bend the pipe cleaners to represent a snowflake and have your preschoolers do the same.

  19. Sock snowman: this fun winter craft is adorable for preschoolers and will look great in your classroom! Learn how to make them Here

  20. Rock painting: Get winter-themed rocks, winter foam stickers and winter paint colors and let the kids design their own winter rocks to take home!

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  21. Snow Name Writing; Grab some q-tips, white paint, and blue paint! You are now all set to complete some name practice! The students will grab a q-tip and use it to trace their name on the name mat. They can practice patterns by painting every other letter or making each name one color. The name mats print two names per page, which is nice for when there are large classes.

  22. Winter Bookmarks: Using winter-colored paper, winter-themed stickers and markers, have the kids make winter bookmarks. Laminate them if possible to last a lifetime of reading!

  23. Paper Plate Wreath: Have your preschoolers make winter wreaths out of paper plates, winter-colored paints, tissue paper, and stickers!

  24. Winter hand print tree: See how to make a cool winter scene tree with your preschoolers handprints and snowy fingerprints Here!

  25. Snowflake Letter Match-Up! Have your preschoolers practice letter recognition and sorting skills with this fun winter activity. You can pick up these foam snowflakes from Dollar Tree or Target and write the letters in marker. This activity requires students to use their fine motor skills to pinch and grab the little letters.

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This winter season, there are plenty of ways to get kids involved in winter activities that are both educational and fun. From snowman crafts to winter bookmarks, let your preschoolers explore their creativity as they discover winter-themed activities. With 25 winter activities and crafts to choose from, your preschoolers will be sure to have a season of fun!

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