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Dec 6, 2022

10 Fun and Engaging Music and Movement Activities for Preschoolers

Mackenzie Lee

Movement and music are two important skills for preschoolers. They help with physical development, cognitive development, social-emotional development, and communication skills. In this blog post, we will share some fun and engaging music and movement activities for preschoolers! These activities will help your child develop their musicality and movement skills.

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Activity 1 - Music Circle

To do this, have your preschoolers stand in a circle and clap their hands to the beat of the music. You can also add in movements, like jumping up and down or swaying side to side. Have each child take a turn leading the music circle. This activity helps with rhythm and social awareness.

Make and use a Drum

You can use a plastic container, like an empty yogurt cup or oatmeal canister, and fill it with rice. You can also make drums out of cardboard boxes. Have your preschoolers use spoons, sticks or other kitchen utensils to make different rhythms on the drum. Being able to distinguish between different noises is great preparation for learning to identify specific sounds in words.

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Using Props

Have your preschoolers grab scarves, ribbons, or other materials to wave around. Then have them move to the music while waving their props. This activity helps with motor coordination and creative expression.

Marching to a Beat

Marching to a Beat is another movement activity for preschool. To the beat of the music, encourage your child to raise their knees high and let their feet stomp down onto the floor. Rhythmic music is great for marching games!

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You can also have your preschoolers move to the beat of the music through Imaginative Play. For example, you could play classical music and have them pretend to be ballerinas or have them move like animals. This activity helps with imagination, communication, and physical coordination.

Egg Shakers

Creating music with egg shakers is another fun and engaging music activity for preschoolers. Have your child shake their egg shakers to the beat of the song.

Freeze Dance

Party Freeze Songs will get your preschoolers moving and grooving! Turn up the music and have them dance around. Once you stop the music, they need to freeze in position. This activity helps with focus, coordination, and following directions. Play this Party Freeze Dance Song on your music device, and watch your preschoolers have a blast!

Music and movement activities for preschoolers is important for their development. Story Chants are a great way to combine music and movement. You can pick a story or a poem that is short and fun, then have your preschoolers chant the story while doing movements. This activity helps with rhyming, sequencing, and language development.

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Dance Parties

Dance Parties are a great time to include an energy boost into your preschoolers day. Have them dance to their favorite songs and move around freely. This activity helps with motor coordination, balance, and social-emotional development. For around 5-10 minutes no rules, just dancing!

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a great way to work on movement and balancing skills. Have your preschoolers march around the chairs or other objects, then when the music stops each child needs to quickly sit down. This activity helps with balance and coordination.

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One of the benefits of music and movement activities is that they usually involve group participation. This can help children feel a sense of belonging, as well as strengthen their social skills by learning to make new friends and help others. These activities are fun and engaging, as well as educational. Try incorporating music and movement into your child’s day to foster their growth and development!

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