Product Launch


Jan 23, 2023

Introducing Playground Spend Cards

Beny Mizrachi

Playground Spend Cards are here

Powered by Stripe, Playground's spending cards eliminate the need for reimbursements, gift cards, and all the headaches surrounding classroom material purchasing.

Today, we are officially launching Playground Spending Cards - our financial product specifically designed to eliminate the manual reimbursement process for classroom materials we see so many child care centers spend time on.

With Playground Spending Cards, administrators can issue spending cards for all their child care staff at no cost. Admins can set spending limits on individual cards to ensure responsible spending. Admins are also able to activate and de-active cards at any time should they desire.

Here are some ways you can use Playground Spending Cards in your center:

  • Issue cards to lead teachers for them to purchase classroom materials

  • Pay for center upgrades including classroom and playground equipment

  • Pay for your Playground subscription!

  • Pay for staff training courses and conferences

How to get set up with Playground Spending Cards

Watch the video below to learn how to start using Playground Spend Cards in your center. Get set up and spending in minutes!

All US child care providers are eligible for Playground Spending Cards - get yours now.

Playground Visa® Commercial Credit cards are issued by Celtic Bank.

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