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Oct 29, 2022

Preschool and Daycare Advertising Ideas

Mackenzie Lee

Looking for preschool advertisement ideas? Struggling to find ways to advertise your preschool or daycare and bring in new families? Below are five preschool advertisement ideas to help grow your preschool and daycare advertising.

Marketing your preschool center is an important as a daycare director. You can’t call yourself a child educator without kids to teach! Preschool advertisement is crucial to growing enrollment, building community engagement, and ensuring your child care center is operating at its maximum potential. We understand how frustrating and time consuming this can be, especially without training in advertising. Marketing and brand management is an crucial part of running your business, and if you’re struggling to find ways to advertise your preschool or daycare — look no further. We’ve broken it down into 5 main ideas to help grow your preschool center and bring in new families.

Have a Preschool Marketing Website

Having an online presence is crucial to building your preschool and being able to advertise. Without a website it will be difficult for prospective families to get in touch. Having a space where parents can interact with one another and see what their child is doing will help you gain their trust as a childcare business.

Using a childcare app to better manage your preschool and daycare center will not only help advertise your brand, but it will attract more engagement with parents and help keep families you already have. Simple tools that ensure child safety and maintain parent involvement are key to locking in customers. Studies show that 65% of the average company’s revenue comes from existing customers. Parents would rather put more money into something they are already comfortable and familiar with, so it’s important to keep your current families happy! Source

Don’t have a website? Don’t worry - Playground offers specialized website development for child care centers. For $50/month we will design and maintain your centers marketing website. This also automatically links to Playgrounds family enrollment to make enrolling new families as seamless as possible. Social Media

Paid Ads

Exploring paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google can help reach families in your area. It’s crucial to choose a platform that is most relevant to your target audience. For example, you can provide maximum exposure by using preschool-specific Facebook ads to drive traffic to your centers website. Preschool facebook ads can be focused on building company awareness and reach parents and various children of all ages.

Ask yourself where your target group is most engaged. All major social networks offer options for advertising… but this doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Part of increasing customer base from paid advertisements is identifying which platform is most concentrated on by the parents you want to attract.

Open House

Hosting an informal event can ease the stress parents experience when making their decision on a preschool. This is a casual way for families to get an idea of your personality and facility, and ask any questions or concerns they might have. An open house at your center is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to families in your community.

Scheduling your open house — Consider the busy schedule of parents and plan your open house around possible interferences. Be mindful of events and activities that could conflict with your event. Print and digital advertising should be effective for the event, especially since it will be important for current and perspective parents to see what their kid is/could be learning and what a day in the life of your preschool is like.

Use an open house as an opportunity to walk around your facility, run through some example activities with parents and their children, and show your centers charisma! Every parent wants to make sure their child is in a safe and nurturing environment. An open house is a great way to give parents a taste of what they would get from your child care center.

Reviews and Family Testimonials

Positive online reviews are a major help to advertising your preschool and daycare center. Not only do they provide you with a valuable source for feedback, but other perspective families reading good things about your preschool can give them all the more reason to want to send their child to your center.

Reviews help you find out whats important to each parent, understand how your centers care is being received by customers, and recognize opportunities for improvement.

Family testimonials are a personal way to directly advertise your preschool and childcare center. Posting videos of positive experiences with enrolled parents is a great way to advertise and give insight to potential customers looking to enroll their children in a preschool. Make sure to always ask for permission before using personal information including photos, videos, or quotes.

Social Media Presence

Creating profiles on social media for your preschool and daycare center can boost online engagement and advertisement opportunities. The key to social media is curating a strong presence online that parents can see while they’re scrolling through their Facebook homepage or Instagram feed. With the rise of technology in todays day and age, it is essential to advertise on social media for your preschool.

What platforms should you use?

According to a study from the Pew Research Center, “83% of parents use social media. The most popular platform among parents (and non-parents) is Facebook. Almost three-quarters of online parents (74%) use Facebook.” With this in mind, you should definitely be leveraging Facebook to market your preschool and engage your local community. Consider running paid ads focused on announcing open spots or open houses to showcase your center.

Exploring other mediums such as LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest can effect the traffic your preschool receives depending on how visually or professionally driven you want to advertise your center. Consider the demographic of the parents when choosing what platforms to focus on. Find more information on parents’ online presence here.

Some advice for content— Okay, you’ve created profiles for your preschool center but now you don’t know what to post. Luckily, pictures and videos go a long way with doting parents. The forefront of your business is to remind parents their child is feeling safe, having fun, and learning. Here are 3 creative ideas for content to engage parents:

Create a post asking parents what activities they’d like to see their kids to do

Posting masterpieces from arts and crafts can be a great way to show the children’s creativity and feature personalization in your preschool. Always be sure to receive signed media consent forms from your parents (WITH PARENT PERMISSION)

Re-sharing any interesting article parents may find interesting will show that you are always thinking about the children

Why is it important to market your preschool?

  1. Parents have a hard time as is choosing a perfect childcare center. Marketing your preschool is important to stand out from competing daycares in your area and help show parents why your business is the best fit for their child. Advertising strategies can not only help build your preschool, but can also keep it running.

  2. Advertising your preschool means more opportunities and outreach for your brand. With 96% of local small businesses using social media as their primary marketing strategy, utilizing customer preference is crucial in bringing in new families and maintaining current ones.


We understand marketing can be time consuming, but increased enrollment is rewarding and earned with the right strategy. Use a variety of our 5 preschool marketing ideas to maintain growth and engage new parents. By making promotion ideas your top priority at your preschool center and figuring out what strategies work in your area, you should be able to boost your engagement significantly!

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