Nov 21, 2022

New reporting and improvements

New reporting and improvements

This week's release log includes upgrades to reporting for finances/billing, as well as reporting for subsidy programs like CACFP. There are also some new additions around reporting for paperwork — there's a lot of data flowing through Playground and we want to make sure it's as easy as possible to organize!

We also launched assessments and observations pilot using the Iowa learning standards. This will continue to be worked on and should have an expanded rollout over the coming weeks and months. If you have specific learning standards you want to work on, please let us know and we will include you in the beta!


  • Added several new financial reports to replace the need for other accounting systems. Please let us know if there are more we can build for you!

  • Added student birthday report, and student birthdays now show up on the calendar

  • Calendar now shows the US holidays

  • We have launched a beta test for Quickbooks! Please reach out if you'd like to be part of it

  • Staff overtime report

  • Paperwork reporting

  • Staff paperwork universally launched!

  • Assessments launched for Iowa with observations

  • Custom domains and measures

  • CACFP reporting by student by day by meal


  • Centers are now able to change invoice and tax information shared with families

  • Additional payout information is shown on the payouts tab

  • Report information shows at the top of printouts and downloads

  • Added more fields to custom reporting

  • Classrooms filter now on the guardians table

  • Payments setup is now part of the onboarding flow

  • Copying enrollment links to share is now quicker & easier

  • Staff and Student profile pages have a bunch of small improvements

  • Guardians table now has additional selectable columns

  • Emergency contacts can also conditionally be added as guardians during enrollment


  • Dates on payments are now consistent (due dates and invoice dates are used consistently)

  • Recipients now saves when you click off the modal

  • Documents now use significantly less data and load more quickly

  • Confirmation modal now pops up to unpin a post

  • Sorting by age fixed everywhere