Dec 19, 2022

Web-based attendance tracking & transfer students

Web-based attendance tracking & transfer students

Web check in for child care
Web check in for child care

Web based attendance tracking is here! Record signatures for check in and check out directly from the website — great for bulk checking students in or out. You can still record the signatures of the parent or staff member that signed for the student, now directly from the web. We also added wet signatures for documents as well. This will help eliminate more paper and save time. Additionally, for enterprise users, you can now transfer students between your centers.


  • Web based attendance is now live! You can record signatures for check-in and out from the web using the students page

  • New attendance reports to capture more common reporting cases

  • Ability to transfer students between enterprises

  • Paperwork now supports wet signatures, not just typed ones

  • Added bulk check-in / out for programs

  • Roles are now rolling out to anyone with more than 4 staff


  • Staff can enter in their own information on their profiles on the website

  • All attachments can now be viewed within Playground, no need for new tabs

  • Classroom overview pages now have enroll student instead of add student flows

  • CACFP reports have more information and there are new versions with different levels of granularity

  • Able to delete staff check-ins row by row

  • Editable text on statement emails

  • Document submission emails now include the PDF in the email

  • Pending balances and bank names now show on the payouts dashboard

  • Emergency contacts on forms now include addresses

  • Profile avatars now have more color


  • Upload guides fixed for roster uploads

  • Button color fixes

  • Mobile app shows custom fields

  • Student birthdays on the mobile calendar as well now

  • Date picker for birthdays is now more usable

  • Fixed multi-day all-day events on mobile

  • Able to select both wet & BM on potty activities