Dec 12, 2022

Old feature improvements & bug squashing week

Old feature improvements & bug squashing week

Clock in and out for childcare staff
Clock in and out for childcare staff

This week emphasizes usability fixes and updates on features that have been out for a while. We take pride in our features and products we have released, and this week we took a lot of extra time to make sure we improved usability and quality of life on a wide range of features. One big achievement has been changing one of our least popular features — the add and edit time modals. We have completely revamped them and made them far far easier to use.

A lot of time was also spent speeding up slower features and screens on the app and website. We are always looking to increase performance, especially if something feels slow. Please message us (through intercom or email me: if you find anywhere our app is moving slowly.


  • New time modals! We've launched them for staff hours, attendance data, and program check ins

  • Listing plans now have several new editable features for the page, such as customizable text above the plans

  • Desktop notifications are live for new chat messages

  • You can now report on individual students within their profiles for things like payments


  • Calendar is a lot more performative

  • Website now loads faster between page clicks

  • Pressing buttons on tables should be significantly faster

  • Able to enroll & unenroll students from programs while accepting them in enrollment

  • Autopay tag now shows on the student's payment method that is being used for autopay

  • Guardians table should now load significantly faster

  • Programs now have a status filter for active and inactive


  • Fixed a bug with scheduled posts showing up slightly late

  • Fixed a bug with deleted students sometimes causing a crash on editing classrooms

  • Checkboxes can now be deleted by pressing backspace on document editing

  • Table columns should now resize properly on all screen sizes

  • Fixed some display issues with observations on student assessments

  • Fee approval statement text now shows the date the fee was accrued, not the day it was charged for

  • Adjusted roles so admins could not see all chats, only super admins

  • Fix chat crash on old chats being opened

  • Enterprise side menu no longer jumps around when navigating

  • Staff documents no longer have templates

  • Staff documents also no longer have connected fields

  • Staff only fields on staff documents only allow super admins to edit now

  • Program enrollment and unenrollment changes now show properly on student changes

  • Fixed navigation when completing paperwork on the student's profile as an admin

  • Now shows "Add attendance" for students even if there's no attendance logged'

  • Fixed text saying checked in vs checked out on edit staff check in time

  • Fixed issue with previous date button on reports dashboard

  • Program status filters now save between uses