Nov 28, 2022

Custom fields, faster data input, and quality of life improvements

Custom fields, faster data input, and quality of life improvements

Childcare CRM
Childcare CRM

The student profile got a new look! We have made the information a lot more compressed and emphasized the notes, changes, and actions for students. Additionally, we have launched custom fields — in addition to using forms to collect information from students, you can now save that information on the student profile. Information that is relevant and needs to be accessed frequently and quickly is now easy! We built this with things like photo permissions, demographic information, and integration Ids in mind, but we're excited to see what other fields you create and use.

We also launched a bunch of new changes to the way data is input on Playground. Time pickers and date modals have been greatly improved. There is an emphasis on speed of use while maintaining high levels of data integrity and validation. You'll likely seem a few other modals change over the next couple of weeks to make data input less of a chore with more robust autofill, data validation, and more.


  • Student profile now has custom fields

  • Student profile has been redesigned to be easier to navigate

  • Forms can collect information on custom fields and will also autofill

  • Print buttons added on many more screens, such as the student profile

  • Changes dashboard launched, you can access it from the student profile. Click in to see activity at your center

  • Calendar now has holidays and student birthdays as options

  • New & improved date picker, time picker, and time modals

  • New payout report to see multiple payouts at once


  • Able to download all paperwork on a per student basis

  • Able to select any two dates for custom payouts, was previously limited to just Monday & Wednesday

  • CSVs now include more fields when downloading from pages or reports

  • Payment reports on the dashboard now include date filters

  • Can now remove family handbook on enrollment

  • The web now downloads significantly less data on certain pages, speeding it up for larger centers


  • Chats are now limited to only 1 classroom at a time

  • Fixed issues around downloading certain CSVs with commas in the data

  • Faster and easier to use pagination on tables

  • Guardian information now takes priority over applicant information when viewing forms

  • $0 plans no longer show a dollar amount on enrollment