Jun 6, 2022

Improving Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life

The last couple weeks have been focused on quality of life improvements. We made lots of small but impactful improvements and fixes based on center feedback. In addition, we launched sections on forms. Now forms can be broken up by sections and should help with organizing long blocks of inputs.


• Added the ability to unsend chat messages on the dashboard as an administrator

• Made the parent payment portal accessible from a computer

• Added the ability to export fee approvals as a CSV

• Added item description to the debits CSV export

• Added the ability to drag and drop into file inputs

• Families can download a blank PDF if they’d prefer to fill out documents with pen and paper

• Improved error messaging for incorrect password, no account exists, and server down

• Able to select specific classes for the following staff reports: Daily Staff Hours, Staff Hours (PDF), Teachers Hours Efficiency, Total Staff Hours

• Submitting wellness checks should feel snappier

• Students are no longer counted in the attendance percentage report if their start date hasn’t occurred yet


• Fixed an issue where ages and date of birth wouldn’t sort correctly on the Students tab

• Fixed a visual table alignment issue on a student’s Payments tab

• Fixed an issue where new students are being accepted for a future date, but aren’t showing up before the start date. There is now better support for editing a future class assignment after accepting a new child.

• Fixed an issue where the form name creation button would stay disabled

• Fixed an issue where downloading chat transcripts would only download the names of the members of the chat

• Fixed an issue where an error message would show when a student’s immunization tab was loading

• Fixed an alignment issue with a date picker

• Fixed an issue with checkbox alignment when selecting recipients for a post from the dashboard

• Fixed a spacing issue when adding ‘other’ as an option on a Form