Oct 31, 2022

Power user upgrades

Power user upgrades

Playground is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of our most active users. Our product also has a strong emphasis on flexibility and customization to make sure that Playground will work with every type of center, no matter how specific or unique your situation may be. Our goal is to be as user friendly as possible to first time users while still ensuring the ability to tinker with our product until it perfectly fits you and your center.


  • Now able to schedule students to be marked inactive & active, useful for setting up your center for summer and graduation

  • Similarly, you can now schedule classroom changes for the new school year

  • Most tables and reports now have editable columns, with your preferences saved. Adjust the information that you see to make sure you always have the most relevant information in front of you

  • Global search for anything within Playground using command+k. Try it out!

  • You can now create custom reports — create reports on any data you have in Playground and run it on the fly

  • Custom forms are part of paperwork, not just enrollment!

  • PDF documents also got a revamp with a new layout, hotkeys to add fields, and a massive speed upgrade

  • Create chats & group chats directly from the guardians page, you no longer need to switch between tabs


  • Able to sort enrollment applications by priority

  • Added the ability to command click on menu items and on students to open in a new tab

  • Added a host of hot keys, such as shift+enter to send a chat

  • Fillable PDF documents are now automatically auto-tagged. Just drop a document into our editor and watch it automatically fill out for you

  • Enrollment was redesigned on the editor side to look the same for you as it does for parents. It should now be much more clear and fast to build out your enrollment form

  • Added lots of new filter options to the students page, guardians page, and several others

  • Chat is now searchable

  • Many pages on Playground are now printable to keep physical copies of


  • All data on tables can now be copy/pasted into excel

  • Able to turn off enrollment email updates

  • All information on enrollment listings are now optional